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Cleaning your roof gives your home an instant uplift and can add value which can be especially useful if you want to sell the property.

We offer two levels of clean, simple moss removal without pressure and a deep clean of the tiles with low pressure clean NOW WITH FREE GUTTER CLEAN WITH EVERY ROOF CLEAN.

Contact us for quotes and details or fill out a form in contact us for a call back.

You can rely on Gemini Cleaning services for a full clean up and to leave your home in great condition.

Roof Cleaning by Low-Pressure Washing

The roof tiles can be thoroughly cleaned with a Low-pressure washer.

This will take off a very thin layer of the tiles so they will look like new tiles afterward. 

Optional: If required, the roof can be treated with moss inhibitor solution

With £1 million public liability insurance cover, a skilled and equipped team will carry out all work to a very high standard all work is protected by are 100% satisfaction guarantee.